Eco Friendly Products

We use Eco Friendly Products.

We pride ourselves in using the latest Eco Friendly products. Our Company’s philosophy is to the best of our ability, use products that are safe for the environment yet still effective and economical to do the job.
Synthetic household products can contain harmful chemicals that react and could affect the ozone layer in the air and create unwelcome toxins. Some chemicals are known to be successfully removed by a water treatment before they enter the atmosphere’s environment or waterways, however some chemicals like ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus may not be completely removed and are know to build up in our waterways and change the growth of certain plant life and can affect native water life and animals.

Australia’s premier businesses (like Newton Roof Cleaning) are todays leaders in the responsible ways we can use cleaning chemicals and sustainability practices. The trend has grown sharply amongst our customers demanding that cleaning companies use only the best Eco-Friendly products. Society is very aware that environment and ecosystems are vulnerable to the use of harsh chemical cleaning products. Customers are also aware of the personal health benefits from using eco-friendly cleaning products.

The inside of the average home contains around two to five times as many common chemical pollutants than areas outside of homes, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Considering that people spend around 90 percent of their time inside their homes, the concentration of chemicals is alarming to be so significantly higher. Indoor pollutants can cause many ailments such as headaches, flu-like symptoms, neurological issues and increase the risk of respiratory disease. Natural products for cleaning are therefore better for health. Using green cleaning products is better for the you and the environment.

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