Terms of Service


In these Terms and Conditions:

  • “Client” means the individual, company or organisation that is identified as the Client in the Quotation
  • “Quotation” means the contract for cleaning services between the Firm and the Client comprising of an individual price quotation for services rendered and these Terms of Business
  • “Services” means the cleaning services described in the Quotation
  • “Site” means the place or places identified in the Quotation where the Services are to be performed
  • “Firm” means Newton Roof Cleaning

These Terms of Business are the only terms on which the Firm contracts with its clients and any other terms put forward by the Client are excluded.

The Firm will provide the Services in accordance with the Quotation, including staff, equipment and cleaning materials.

The initial validity of the Quotation is 1 month, unless a different period is specified by the Firm.

The Firm will submit invoices promptly after performing their Service and all invoices are due for payment within the period specified in the Quotation, and if none, then within 14 days from the invoice date.
Any query concerning an invoice must be raised within two days of the date of issue and the Firm will respond promptly. The Client is not entitled to withhold any payment without the Firm’s prior written consent.
If any payment is not made in full on the due date, the Firm is entitled to claim interest for each day of delay.
All charges are quoted inclusive of GST as part of the total cost for all Services performed

The Firm will (as far as practicable) ensure that all its cleaners are known to it and/or references have been obtained. The objective of the Firm is to ensure that its personnel are reliable, discreet and honest. The names of personnel working at the Site will be provided to the Client on request.
The Firm will take proper steps to ensure that its personnel working on the Site comply with the Client’s security procedures.
The Firm will provide cleaning equipment for the Services and will keep the equipment in good working condition.

The Client will grant access for the Firm’s personnel during the agreed working hours and will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Firm’s personnel are not obstructed in their duties by the Client or other personnel on the Site.
The Client will provide adequate and reliably pressured water connection in form of an outdoor hose fitting and a 240V power source if required

The Firm will have no liability to the Client for any loss of or damage to property of the Client except to the extent that the loss or damage is (a) caused by the proven negligence or default of the Firm’s personnel and (b) is covered by the liability insurance maintained by the Firm.

Any complaint about the performance of the Service must be made in writing to the Firm’s representative named in the Quotation within two working days of the occurrence and the Firm will take all necessary action, without cost to the Client, to investigate and (unless it reasonably considers that the complaint was not justified) take any necessary remedial action.
In the absence of complaint it will be assumed that the Client is satisfied with the Firm’s performance of the Contract.

The Firm may withdraw the Quotation by written notice with immediate effect and with no compensation to the Client. Withdrawal of the Quotation is at the Firm’s discretion and without any obligation for justification.

The Firm will not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations